3D Book Cover

Give some perspective to your book cover!


After a week of night and weekend hours spent in my code editor, I am finally ready to launch the MVP of my SaaS: 3D Book Cover.

It all started in July when, for the book I just started writing, I created a web app that generates the HTML and CSS to embed a 3D book cover on a website. I posted it on HackerNews, and, big surprise, it was a huge success! It stayed #1 for the whole day and brought me a lot of useful feedback.

From that day, I kept in my mind to create an application to enable people to create a 3D Cover and embed it without caring about the HTML and CSS, just by copying and pasting a small code snippet wherever they want.

I developed it using tools I already knew, using cloud services when possible, because my goal was to release as soon as possible.

A small overview of the tech stack:

  • Node.js/Express for the webserver
  • Heroku to host the webserver
  • MongoDB Atlas for the database
  • React, only for the 3D cover editor
  • Auth0 for the authentication
  • Cloudinary to host images
  • Stripe to handle premium account purchase

The basic features are free, and it’s possible to purchase a Premium subscription for $9.99 as a one-time payment. I’m not sure exactly of the final pricing model…

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