Obsidian Trilogy

Free to read illustrated fantasy novel


"Obsidian Trilogy" is an illustrated fantasy novel you can read for free and comment on without registration. It's an old-fashioned fantasy: nothing trendy/kinky/flashy, just a LOTR-style slowly-paced journey with poems in it. (new chapters every week!)

The books of "Obsidian Trilogy" are "Cold obsidian", "Hot obsidian", and "Smoky obsidian".

In "Cold obsidian" we will follow the story of a young man who becomes an apprentice of the creators of his world and gets involved in their affairs. In "Hot obsidian" we will follow the story of a boy raised by a mysterious Hot Obsidian cult with a purpose that is as great as it is sinister. In "Smoky obsidian" we will watch both their stories collide.

"Obsidian Trilogy" was written by Olga Makarova in Russian but later translated into English by the author. The poems in the story were translated by Alan Jackson.

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