Agile Sprint Retrospective Tool - GoRet…

a free retrospective tool for your Agile sprints


We’re a group of developer friends from different companies who have realized how helpful a sprint retrospective is for any dev team, of any size, or from any organization, helping them collaborate, improve, plan, and grow with a fun retro tool which is professional and increases productivity.

We ended up creating our own agile retro tool for ongoing use and noticed how much it has helped us personally, so we’ve paid it forward and shared it with the world of developers, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, and for FREE.

So here it is. GoRetro, an online retrospective tool for agile teams to create unlimited boards, share with their team members, and gain some insight into what worked, what hasn’t, what can be improved, as well as assign specific action items to individuals with due dates to make sure you work efficiently and keep making your internal development better and better.

We’re continuing to improve our retro tool by adding more features and integrations based on your requests and interests, while keeping everything free and accessible.

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