Pravdori - Create Event Timelines

Chronicle current events into their histortical context


We believe that in this fast-paced world of 24/7 news coverage; information and facts can often get lost. A new community to chronicle the current events of our world, structuring them into their historical context, presenting readers with the full picture.

  • limabearz

    I started working on this site about a year ago. I've always been a fairly hardcore Linux geek. Most of my programming experience comes from administration and tooling needs. This is my first foray into full stack development.

    What & Why

    Pravdori is the beginning of a platform designed to organize and structure current events into their historical context. For example (sorry for the politics) we've heard for months about election inference in the news. Hundreds if not thousands of articles are written about every accusation and lawsuit. I found it hard to keep track of, noisy, unnecessarily wordy, all the while forgetting what happened a month ago.

    The platform also does well at telling stories that have been otherwise lost to history, while adding more color than say things on wikipedia.


    Users can create timeline epochs in which all events under, organized. Once a timeline is created any user can contribute; making the information more accurate and complete for the history books.

    Technology The front end is ReactJS consuming from a Flask backend.