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  • cowpilot

    Hi all,

    I just published my new side project and I'd love to have some feedback 😊. I built it in 5 days, focussing only on the essentials. I had a breeze making this and getting it ready for a demo in the shortest possible amount of time.

    It is built with React and hosted on Heroku. They only libraries I used are:

    • React Router for navigation
    • Styled Components for styling
    • React Beautiful DND for drag and drop.

    I didn't know about styled components before I started, it makes styling so much easier than plain CSS.

    I also learned about react-beautiful-dnd, which is an awesome library for drag and drop by the guys who made Trello. They have an eggcellent course on to help learn it.

    I would really love to hear what you think about the project. If you have any question, just let me know.