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Last Friday at 4:49 PM


Initial Commit started as a niche site to help developers better understand Git's codebase. It has turned into a hub for coding resources, a CMS platform, blog, and store.

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    Hi folks,

    I started to host my Baby Git Guidebook for Developers - my first book - help curious developers learn how Git's code works.

    Since then I've written the Coding Essentials Guidebook for Developers to help newbies learn to code, and am working on the Baby Bitcoin Guidebook for Developers to unearth how Bitcoin's code works.

    I have also built out the blog to over 100 posts and integrated an admin portal into the site to quickly add new products, write new blog posts, and customize site appearance and settings. Going down this path, I decided to abstract the site enough to turn the platform into a content management system (CMS) called Initial Commit CMS. I am now working on getting users to host their websites on this platform and expanding the functionality.

    The site is built using the Java Spring Boot framework, Thymeleaf template engine, MySQL database, hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I implemented a multi-tenant functionality so a single deployed version of the code can host multiple websites. I'm hoping this will be good for scalability.

    Thanks for your interest and feel free to email me with any questions/comments -

    Last Friday at 4:49 PM