Airboxr - No Code Data Analytics

10X Faster Spreadsheets


Airboxr is a no-code query builder for Google Sheets. The tool helps business users import and lookup data from various sources without needing to learn how to write queries themselves.

  • saps

    Hi everyone 👋🏼

    We just launched the Public Beta of Airboxr. I worked a lot on data projects and saw how dependent companies were on spreadsheets. But analysing data on spreadsheets is difficult today because there's too much data(!), data is distributed across multiple systems, and spreadsheets in general are slow and sucky. So we created this tool to help business users without coding knowledge import data, filter data, and lookup data across multiple sources.

    Features Coming Next: Native integrations to pull data directly from external sources.

    Do let me know what you think and take the demo for a spin. If you like the demo, install the app from the GSuite Marketplace.

    Thanks, Saps