Simple Comment

Simple Comment enables comments on your website.


Simple Comment enables website visitors to leave comments and replies, and is designed to be unremarkably similar to the dozens of others available.

  • rendall

    I wanted a commenting system for my statically generated blog, but I am not interested in subjecting my visitors to the monetization and tracking practices of commenting systems like Disqus or Facebook, nor did I want to pay for a cloud server, nor to pay for a hosting service, nor to force my visitors to use a Big Tech authentication solution. All of the other commenting systems require one or more of these.

    Netlify, among others, has a free-tier offering. If your traffic is low and your build process is not onerous, they will host your website. They also will host your lambda functions, which make excellent API endpoints. MongoDB, for its part, among others, also has a free-tier offering. If your data needs are low, they will host your data.

    I decided to combine my knowledge of these two services into a truly free, self-hosted commenting solution, and to open-source the result, and call it Simple Comment

    While conceiving of the idea, I wanted to enable others to use it and make it their own. If a developer preferred to use PostgreSQL instead of MongoDB, or Vercel instead of Netlify, or Auth0 instead of its homegrown auth, I wanted those to be easy to swap in. With that in mind, I (mostly) paid close attention to documentation, commenting and modularity.

    For now, it's an MVP good enough for my personal blog, but I do have ambitions that others will find it useful and helpful, so I will continue to refine it and invite participants.

    If you have any thoughts, comments, feedback of any kind, including negative feedback, I'm open to hearing it.