A course to learn and master React Hooks


React Hooks are awesome!

Master the best invention since React itself, and take your React experience to the next level. 🚀

A complete course to help you become fluent with hooks.

  • scastiel

    A few weeks ago I released a course to learn or get better with React Hooks:

    Initially, I wrote it as an eBook, but the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that a course was better support for it.

    So I decided to “rebrand” the content as an interactive course. It isn’t a video course as you can find a lot on the web, but it contains interactive examples and exercises, so you can write code without leaving your browser (I published on GitHub a template for curious developers or people who want to create such a course).

    For people preferring books, it is still possible to download the course content as a PDF: there is a plan including it, or users can purchase it separately on Flurly.

    With the hope to drive some people on the course, I also created a PDF cheat sheet about React hooks, more or less a quick reference inspired by the course content. It is available for free on Gumroad, and it got some success on r/reactjs. 🙂