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We hold people accountable and help them avoid procrastination, follow through on tasks and finish what they want to get done. We get most excited when we see you thrive. So, let’s get things started and let’s fight the resistance together!

  • mareike_popp

    Hey All, I recently started a new (side-) business that solves the problem I struggled with for many years and you have probably faced it at some point too: Procrastination.

    Yep, procrastination is real - this one project we wanted to launch for ages, this book we always wanted to write or that move we always dreamed about. But, somehow, time flies and we keep coming up with excuses not to do it.

    There’s a saying “How you do one thing is how you do anything.” Well... you’ll find procrastination not only when making bigger decisions in life but especially in your daily work - you get stuck, focus your energy on the wrong things and end up off track. This is even more true for remote teams, solo-founders, freelancers or students who do a lot of independent work.

    That’s why I thought “wouldn’t it be nice to have have someone who’s got your back and who’s sole job it is to check in with you on a daily basis to see whether you’re on track and following through with your to do’s?”

    A dedicated Accountability Partner - a real human being (not AI bot ) who knows about your plans and goals. The purpose of accountability is not about friendship. It’s not about kinship. It’s not about fun. Accountability is about getting results and increasing the odds of success.

    Ever since I got one, it totally transformed my life and I can say with conviction: it works and it really makes a difference between success and failure. At least, that’s my experience. Would be curious to hear how you see it and what’s been your experience?

    And if you are like me, the only real question I have: who’s holding YOU accountable? :-)

    If you’d like to learn more, give feedback or think this could be something for yourself, feel free to check out ABOVE POTENTIAL, the Accountability Coach for entrepreneurs, creatives and executives to rise above their potential