Roll Your Tweet

Roll Your Tweet - An easier way to turn tweets in a blog


Turn a twitter thread into a blog post, with full markdown support and Devto, Hashnode, Medium integration.

  • james_r_perkins

    Hey all,

    What is Roll Your Tweet?

    • Turn a Twitter thread into a blog post
    • Uses a markdown editor to allow you to flesh out the post
    • Supports Devto, Hashnode, Medium and downloading markdown.

    Why did I build Roll Your tweet?

    • Twitter threads miss out on long term exposure, even the most viral thread only lasts a few days.
    • Threads need to be short and sweet, so context can be lost.
    • People spend hours crafting a thread, so why not maximize the impact?

    What is Roll Your Tweet built on?

    Roll Your Tweet is built with:

    • Next.js with SSR

    • Deployed to Vercel

    • Database by Fauna

    • Auth by Auth0

    • Payments by Stripe

    • CSS powered by Chakra UI