24 hours, 86400 images. One giant story.


An experimental art project where each second of the user's day is a clickable piece of content that can be purchased.

  • papathunk

    Nice idea, but is 1 second enough to see+like+click... I'll by 12 just in case :D

    • justinprojects

      Thanks for joining! Enjoyed my horoscope for the day too! 🙌

  • justinprojects

    I built 24HourHomepage.com as a fun way to grow as an "internet introvert".

    And what a fun journey it's been!

    I've met all types of digital creators, entrepreneurs and artists online who either LOVE or don't understand the project. The beauty of the internet. 💙

    ⏰ A recap of how it works:

    • When you visit the site, you'll see one image per second for the corresponding second of the day. In UTC time!
    • You can add any family-friendly image and link to whatever site you want
    • You'll see the same content if you return in:
      • 24 hours
      • 48 hours
      • or 10 years at that same second of the day
    • It'll be hosted forever

    Thanks for checking it out ✌️