Indelible Journal

A fully-encrypted journal with tools for mental organization


An end-to-end encrypted, private journal with features like tagging that enable self-discovery and positive change.

  • glipsman

    I've been journaling for quite some time now. My practice evolved out of a daily changelog.txt file I started in 2010 while working on side projects. At first, it just tracked what I'd accomplished that day. Eventually, I started tracking my mood, and whatever else I had gotten up to that day.

    My practice has continued to change over the last decade, but my medium stayed unchanged—a locally encrypted text file.

    I put this app together to explore ideas around both writing and organizing journal entries. I wanted a place I could delve into subjects more deeply, and not lose my train of thought over the weeks or months between musings. Similar to the journaling practice Derek Sivers' outlines. It's built for focused writing and remembering.