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Start learning Vim without breaking a sweat. is the best Vim course on the planet. Our interactive lessons use an integrated Vim editor, letting you apply what you've learned straight away.

  • joechrisellis

    Hey friends 👋 is an interactive course for learning Vim. This was a passion project I worked on earlier this year. I was spurred on after a few folks had expressed interest in Vim, but wanted a safe and isolated environment to learn where you can't 'break' anything.

    It's different to other online Vim courses because it uses the real Vim editor compiled to WASM (made possible by rhysd's fantastic vim.wasm project0). This means you get all of the functionality that you have in vanilla Vim, which not only opens a lot of doors in terms of what you can teach (buffers, windows, niche Ex commands), but also means everything you learn is completely transferable.

    Happy vimming!