Convert articles and blog posts into AI generated audio


BlogAudio allows an easy text-to-speech conversion. Convert your articles to audio and embed our customizable player into your website. ➤ 97 high-quality AI voices in 25 languages ➤ WordPress plugin and easy Ghost integration ➤ 14 days FREE trial

  • jakublukowski

    Why we created BlogAudio

    We noticed the growing trend of audio consumption and understood that it may impact blogs and articles in general. There are many great bloggers out there and we understand that not everyone wants to become a podcaster or a vlogger to join this "listening trend". And to be honest, we wouldn't want that. Some people are great at talking to a microphone or a camera and others are great at writing articles. So we thought that the right solution is to provide the second group with a tool that can help them create audio content without changing the way they work.

    Who may find it useful

    Anyone who owns a blog or creates any type of written content.


    • ➤ 97 high-quality AI voices
    • ➤ 25 languages
    • ➤ Embeddable and customizable player
    • ➤ Engagement analytics - how many people view your articles, play them, and listen until the end. Which articles are the most and least engaging.
    • ➤ WordPress plugin
    • ➤ Ghost integration