An online coding escape room for developer teams


/dev/esc is designed for 1-8 players. Your team will need to code, puzzle and hack its way out. It's free to start a game; only pay if you want to progress. On your own computer: find clues, solve geeky challenges. Takes approximately 1.5 hours.

  • mozz100

    /dev/esc started as an idea in a sprint retrospective meeting at work. "Wouldn't it be cool if...?"

    Then covid happened. It felt as if there was a need for something that dev teams could come together and enjoy, to build a bit of rapport. So I built /dev/esc!

    Setting the challenges was the hard part. It's a Django app on top of a database, so I can add new challenges and new rooms in the future. So far a few hundred teams have played and 67 have completed it.

    Play now! - you can start for free and only pay if you want to progress.