AI-generated fictional creatures for authors


NovelGens generates a random fictional creature each day and lets a limited number of authors and creatives claim the rights to each creature for royalty-free use in their projects.

  • IndentLabs

    Hi all!

    I built NovelGens at the start of the year after getting extremely excited by all of the new text- and image-generation models coming out. We're truly at the cusp of a gigantic paradigm shift in creative fields with new tools available soon to authors and other creatives around the world. My goal with NovelGens is to simplify a few of these tools and make them easy enough for anyone to use: NovelGens uses both text- and image-generation AI models to build coherent fictional creatures that can be claimed for legal use in a single click.

    It seems like most generative services are moving towards subscription or pay-per-use models for generations and I want to make things even more accessible. Right now, each creature also generates a "rarity", which allows for different numbers of people to claim each creature and helps provide these ideas at a more economic scale. In the future, I plan to add a marketplace for people to resell the rights to creatures they've claimed which, potentially, could be a much-needed additional revenue stream for creatives who have the ability to craft immersive worlds -- and then sell off the rights to the creatures in those worlds to a new generation of writers.

    This tech is all so new and I'm still learning it all also, so this is very much an experiment to see what works and what doesn't when it comes to augmenting the creative process with AI. So far, the site has generated 170 creatures and we have over 100 active users -- so things are going quite well! Users can also publish their own stories and artwork depicting their claimed creatures directly on the site, visible to everyone directly on each creature page.