Make your PC infinitely faster


Run your everyday applications with the power of supercomputers in the cloud

  • AbnerHorn

    Hey, everyone!

    After struggling with slow laptops for a long time, we decided to build Fastr⚡

    It basically makes your computer infinitely faster, by allowing you to launch any application you need in a supercomputer in the cloud.

    No setup needed. Fastr is a easy to use launcher, that allows you to run any software with super powers, in just one click.

    Excited to hear your feedbacks!

  • lucas59356

    Which apps are already supported? It would be very useful if the list of apps were available in the homepage.

  • techinfo

    When will I get my early access?? So excited for this product!

    • AbnerHorn

      🤘🤘 Early access is coming for you soon!

  • ramonsorage

    Really cool project, Abner.

    Hope to get my early access, as I work with graphic design and usually suffer with bad performance with my Ideapad 3i.

    Will it run games as well?

    • AbnerHorn

      Thanks, Ramon. We'll provide you with your early access as soon as possible. Keep an eye on your inbox. And yes, you'll be able to run games on Fastr.