Monitor meme stocks' social media activity


Mememestocks monitors Twitter and Reddit activity of popular meme stocks and computes a MemeShare score to make it easier to compare.

  • MemeShare_Ai

    Hi all,

    I wrote Mememestocks because I found meme stocks an interesting thing to trade with, but I just couldn't stand reading WallStreetBets and similar forums which are full of noise and nonsense. So I invented the MemeShare score. It measures the level of social media activity of a stock so you can see what's popular and what isn't. I'm preparing to do the same for crypto currencies in the near future.

    Technology wise, it is using a Python backend with Pandas to gather data from various sources, compute the scores, prepare the graphs and create the static HTML files which are Jinja templates. The site itself is 100% static and uploaded to a CDN every hour. On the front end, it just uses vanilla TypeScript without any libraries.