Tiro Notes

a markdown editor designed for extensibility & flexibility


An open-source, cross-platform markdown editor designed for extensibility & flexibility.


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    Hello Everybody,

    I started Tiro Notes to answer to the needs I had for a note taking app

    • => Something open source : I don't like the idea of private companies possibly going bankrupt or hacked and spreading your notes datas in the wind.

    • => Something I could use on all my devices : so web based.

    • => Something flexible and infinitely extensible : For power users and emacs lovers.

    To summarise, Tiro Notes is a mixture of Evernote, Emacs, Joplin and Obsidian.

    I feel it is appealing to a niche market but I would be really happy to have your feedbacks on the UX/UI as well as on the idea itself! Do you think you would be interested in using such an app? If no, why?