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  • tom@osomatsu


    My name is Tom. I've been chipping away on Osomatsu for ...ooh, what is now approaching two years, after me and my wife (like many others I'm sure) picked up cooking as a hobby over the pandemic. I quickly grew tired of the ads, cookie banners, life stories and "where are the ingredients!?" moments and figured I’d have a stab at something "better" for me and my wife to use to write and share recipes.

    Like the rest of us, I love a good, well-presented recipe book and my intention with Osomatsu is to create a place where anyone's recipe can be presented as beautifully and simply as it would in a book. It's early days and I've been building functionality before form, but it’s coming along and there’s plenty of work to do on the horizon.

    The project uses a TypeScript NodeJS backend and Edge templates (from the Adonis framework). I have a full-time salaried job as a developer and I use plenty of technologies in that role, for Osomatsu I just wanted to get back to web basics. My hope is that by rolling most of my own solution I can ensure that load times are snappy for the end user.

    Osomatsu is a labour of love and the project has forced me to be incredibly grateful for the half hour here and there that I can spend on it (it is not my priority, and that is okay). The discipline gained from having to pick something up where you left off after leaving it for a few weeks (ad infinitum) is extremely valuable for all areas of life and I encourage others to find (or stick with) a project that requires that.

    I've got exciting long term plans for Osomatsu, gotta start somewhere though!