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Design your finisher poster of your remarkable activity!


Design your finisher poster for marathon, triathlon or alps cross with simply uploading your .gpx file or connecting to your favorite activity app (e.g. Strava). More products and layouts to come...

  • footprinter

    Hi all, especially runners, bikers, hikers and other active people (or friends of active people looking for a gift),

    I made a website for printing an activity on a poster based on a .gpx file (or by simply connecting to your Strava-account). You'll find map-like and (soon) way more abstract layouts. Some will look more art-like, disguising your event(s) for others while reminding only yourself of it. Other styles will be very showy for people who like to brag about their PB 😉

    The purpose is to motivate active people with their own performances and showing what they can achieve if they really want. They'll be able to express themselves either in extroverted fashion or by not telling anyone what it actually is, that decorates their living room. Either way, they shall be reminded of achievements, they can be proud of.

    Only available in German so far, but will be translated soon.

    I'd be very happy for feedback!!!

    • would you buy that for yourself?
    • as a gift?
    • what poster size would you like to see else?
    • tiny tweaks necessary to convince you?

    Your Max 😊