Tin - Certificate lifecycle automation

Self hosted Let's Encrypt : automate certificate issuance


Automate your web servers certificate issuance with your own PKI ! Say goodbye to emails for requesting certificates, and leverage open source tooling for a faster, more secure and efficient certificate delivery workflow.

  • actinium

    Hi everyone ! My name is Germain and i've been doing IT and infrastructure consulting for the past 6 years.

    A recurrent frustration i've had in clients environments is the SSL certificates delivery process : Oftentimes delivered by the IT security department, i needed to email their team with certificate details, wait a week or two, and hope that the delivered certificate doesn't contain typos. It's all the more infuriating because there is a superb alternative for public domains named Let's Encrypt. You can in a matter of minute setup a software that will perform certificate request, installation, renewal and never think about your certificate status or expiration ever again.

    This however wasn't allowed in company environments because of security restrictions : all the certificates must be signed using their own public key infrastructure, which is not possible on Let's Encrypt. This led me to the idea of developing Tin : a self-hosted Let's Encrypt like server directly connected to your own PKI !

    Based on open source specifications and clients, it will lift the burden of certificate management for your company. Simply choose the workflow you want with the web portal, and automate all the certificates lifecycle with the ecosystem standard tooling on any platform.

    The current free plan features 50 certificates for usage in side projects environments and homelabs, so you can check it out and help us improve the product. We would really like to hear from you for feedbacks, ideas or potential use cases that might interest you, in any case you can contact me directly at contact@actinium.cc

    Thanks for reading, have a nice day !