Kosmo - Workspace for Freelancers

Branded Invoices, Contracts, Time Tracking and More


Kosmo is a simple workspace designed for freelancers and creators. It allows them to manage projects, create branded invoices, digitally sign contracts, track time and more.

  • kosmo

    Kosmo was founded in 2021 as a simple project management and invoicing tool for freelancers. At that time we were looking for a tool for ourselves that could help us with admin tasks like sending contracts, creating time reports and invoicing work hours.

    After trying various tools we constantly ran into the same issues of:

    • Setting up complex workflows
    • Advertised features that just didn’t work right
    • Boring designs and very limited customization
    • Very high prices (especially annual plans)

    Generally we were surprised how cluttered and complicated these “polished” tools were. So we set out to build our own solution.