Headlamp: Augmented Reality for Testers

Visual Test Tracking & Analytics, Collaborative Team Testing


Turn on Headlamp's Chrome Extension and you'll see red dots by every link, input element, button, etc. The dots disappear as you test so you can see what you've missed. Reports show where you & your team need more test coverage. Use Team mode to collaborate.

  • WhidbeyHacker

    Why Headlamp?

    The year is 2016. I'm working on a web application when I get a call from my development partner.

    "Dorian!," Snyds grumbled, "They're rejecting the release."

    Snyds had just gotten word from our client that they found a "crashing bug" in the web app we've been building.

    I spat out an exasperated reply: "That's silly! We tested all of the features. Why are they complaining?"

    "It's the Inventory page. You added a link to it in the menu. They clicked the link and got a 500 - Server Error."

    "But we all know Inventory functionality isn't due for months!"

    "It doesn't matter. They saw an ugly error message, threw up their hands, and walked away from their keyboards. Build rejected."

    We came up with a new rule: before each release, we'll run our tests as always to ensure we haven't broken anything. In addition, we MUST touch EVERYTHING in the UI. Every button, link, text box, dropdown -- everything -- just to make sure we didn't miss anything that seems obvious. You know... the really easy bugs that make us look and feel dumb.

    But how do we ensure we don't miss any elements in our UI coverage test run? How do we track all the elements of our ever-growing application? Do we need to write and maintain a really long checklist?

    Then I remembered the good old days when links were blue until you clicked on them, then they'd turn purple. That was pretty useful, wasn't it?

    What if we could track everything like that while we're testing?

    I started writing a Chrome Extension, and pretty soon, Headlamp was born.