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Free app to manage your index investing portfolio.


• With the free Asset Garden app you create a portfolio in minutes
• Select funds for each asset class that make sense in your region • Buy them at local brokers • Asset Garden will monitor your portfolio and alert you when it's time to rebalance

  • pors

    Hi! My name is Mark and I'm a software developer. I started looking into index investing some years ago as I didn't like the products my bank was offering regarding money I wanted to save for later, and on the other hand got stressed by watching my investments going up and down all the time and reading about global events affecting it.

    Setting up a portfolio and forgetting about it until it's time to rebalance is great, as it gives me peace of mind and that way I can focus on what I love, coding. I mean my wife, our cats, and coding, in that order.

    But creating a portfolio took quite some time. I wish there was a tool like this when I started, a comprehensive portfolio builder that would help me develop my own index investing strategy. And finding out when and how to rebalance is not straightforward either. My broker does offer some basic rebalancing features, but assigning asset classes is too simplistic and if you have assets at another broker it becomes useless. I then tried having everything in a smart Google spreadsheet, connect that to some web services for quotes and messaging, but many of my funds were not supported and and alerting turned out to be unreliable.

    So as developers do, I decided to build a tool myself. And when I showed an early version to some of my friends they loved it, and pushed me to share it with investors like myself. So download it, try it, and let me know what you think! What would you add, and what would you get rid of? Love to hear from you.