Turn your Twitter bookmarks into newsletters


A command center to streamline consuming and curating content from Twitter. Tweetsmash organizes by how you will consume content curated from Twitter Bookmarks, Likes, or Twitter Lists. Plus, being a Bookmark manager.

  • TweetsMashApp

    Hi 👋

    We use Twitter a lot and used to save a bunch of tweets for learning about indie hacking & startups. But most of those learning is buried in Twitter bookmarks. So we think of a system so that we can consume, revisit and reference tweets with almost zero friction curation.

    That's how the idea of Tweetsmash was born with the idea of consumption first for curated content. Tweetsmash is used by a lot of content creators to organize their bookmarks into content inspirations with a daily/periodic digest and also to discover the best content from the Twitter list.

    Tweetsmash is built on Nextjs and hosted on Vercel.