A minimum viable package for processing structured data


Where developers declaratively define and execute common operations on complex data structures. Operations are specified using a mini-language in which target structures are visually similar to their textual representation.

  • raypelletier

    Hey all,

    jertl is the Python package I regularly wished existed during my last few gigs. jsonschema and jmespath are pleasant enough for working with structured data, but, I've always felt there was a better way.

    This first version is written in Python but is not wedded to that language. Should there be sufficient interest I'd gladly translate this to something else.

    I'd never published a Python package before or any software for that matter. But hey, Google search is my friend. It wasn't hard to find the basics.

    I settled on hatch for project management. Since Read the Docs plays well with GitHub, I went that route for documentation. I'm not a fan of reStructureText though. I abandoned markup languages the second I got my Mac Plus with MacWrite. Markdown is fine to work with. Obsidian is great.

    Loved GitHub workflows.