The Van Conversion

Learn how to build your own epic campervan! 🚐


With 50+ in-depth guides and video courses, The Van Conversion is the one-stop-shop for learning how to build a campervan online. Planning, Metalwork, insulation, electrics, woodwork, water plumbing, gas & heating, interior design - it's all there!

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    Hey, I'm Shane ✌️

    I started The Van Conversion with one goal in mind: To help more people live full-time on the road. 🏞️

    A few years ago I left a 9-5 office job, moved into my self-build, and started wandering through Europe full-time. My van 'beans' truly has facilitated my best life.

    Now, I want to help others get on the road! 🚐

    I've been teaching people how to build campervans for several years; its my passion. The Van Conversion Course has quickly become the most popular campervan course on the internet!

    The Van Conversion teaches people with ZERO EXPERIENCE how to turn a van into a liveable home on wheels. The start-to-finish guides take you from zero to hero, gradually building your skillset!

    I hope these guides serve you useful during your build, Shane