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With a single click, save social posts, full-page screenshots, kindle highlights and many more. Work smart by organizing, collaborating and assigning tasks to your team mates in a single place with our simple project management tool.

  • swipenoteapp

    Hi all,

    SwipeNote is for anyone and everyone who uses the Internet (Web). Through SwipeNote, one can save any social posts, ads, videos and anything from the web in one single click. Swipenote powers individuals and businesses by saving and organizing everything on the Internet in one searchable and connected place. Create teammates, share content, assign tasks using personalized Workspace (or subspace). Collaborate and track any assigned tasks with 'labels', 'cards', 'filters', 'group chat' and more.

    Technologies used: Php, MySQL, Angular, MongoDB, Node JS, Express JS

    Regards SwipeNote Team