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EasyOrg - Text-file based Task Management using Org mode


A text-file based task management system using Org mode. If you keep track of your todos in a text-file, but would like some more structure or if you would like to use Org mode but find it too complicated and fiddly with Emacs, then give EasyOrg a go.

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    Hi there, I used to keep track of my to-do tasks in a plain text-file. It worked okay, but with a longer and longer list of tasks it got a bit out of hand. I also had Done tasks mixed with task still open. It was difficult to refer between them, difficult to know what to work on next and no priorities. I needed something better, but at the same time I still liked the simplicity of the plain text-file and how well it worked overall.

    So I set out for something else. I landed on Org mode with Emacs, and although I liked it, it felt a bit difficult and fiddly to use at times and a lot of setup and configuration was needed and referring to the manuals and googling.

    At the end I decided to make something that supports Org mode and plain text-files, but makes it a little easier to work with. This resulted in EasyOrg.

    I hope you like it as much as I do. Give it a spin!