JazzKeys.fyi: jazz/funk piano tutorials

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Twenty web-based tutorials for jazz and funk keyboard players, covering bebop, blues, modern jazz and funk, with 90 musical examples. Each example has a written score, audio and an animated keyboard.

  • donbrae

    Hey. I’m Jamie Smith, a jazz pianist from Edinburgh, Scotland. This website is more or less a brain dump of some of what I’ve learned over the course of playing and studying jazz for ~25 years. I would likely have found it quite useful back when I started, and I publish it in the hope that it might be helpful to others.

    I’m a web developer to trade, so as well as creating the content, I found building the animated keyboard that accompanies each musical example to be a rewarding challenge. I blogged about that in a post, ‘Building an animated piano keyboard with JavaScript and MIDI’.

    I hope people find JazzKeys.fyi to be a helpful resource. Feedback and bug reports welcome!